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Enjoy Real Coffee … Africafe, Africa’s Finest Coffee, Roasted Coffee Beans (Zanzibar Blend). The Finest of East African Coffee is specially selected to bring out all of the characteristics that give it its worldwide reputation.   

History of Africafe

Tanzania is home to the world’s finest coffees.  Coffee discovered in Ethiopia more than 1,200 years ago is Africa’s precious gift to the world.  The rich volcanic soil of mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain and shores of Lake Victoria, the largest lake in the southern hemisphere provide ideal growing conditions for Robust and Arabica Coffee.

The Hidden Secret of African Coffee

Africafe coffee is made from high quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that gives good, acceptable and satisfying aroma and liquor strength. Africafe is the only packed instant coffee exported to the Japan market from East Africa. We import our Products directly from Afri Tea and Coffee Blenders whose corporate headquarters in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.  Afri Tea & Coffee Blenders gets regular supplies from Lupembe Tea Estate in Njombe, Iringa region where the finest high quality clonel tea is grown, and the Mponde Tea Factory in Lushoto, Tanga region, where the best teas of the different climatic conditions get the perfect blend.  The company has an IMO certificate for Processing and Marketing of Organic products.

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Africafe Coffee - made from certified organic Coffee. Africafe coffee is made from high quality Arabica and robusta coffee beans that gives good, acceptable and satisfying Aroma and liquor strength. Africafe is a spray dried 100% pure instant coffee powder with no additives.

The exceptional quality and genuine purity of Africafe make this an internationally acclaimed instant coffee. Africafe is the only packed instant coffee exported to Japan market from East Africa, that is why we can claim Africafe to be Africa’s Finest Coffee.

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