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    Africa’s finest Africafe Coffee explains the effects of the climate change on coffee.

    With over 1.5 billion cups of coffee being made every day, just the thought of living without it may give you the heebie-jeebies. The London’s Royal Botanic Gardens has led a study which warns, due to the climate change, Arabica, the most consumed coffee, could become extinct by 2080.

    The pillar of the coffee industry, Arabica accounts for 70% of the world’s production. A recent study published in the PLOS ONE journal, combined computer modeling and field observation to reveal how different climate situations could affect wild coffee species. The study focused on Africa, the largest coffee producer, the results were “profoundly negative”.

    Coffee usually grows in environments such as the lush tropical mountains of Africa. “The kind of cloud forest climates where Arabica is native are disappearing, and the plant and animals that live in them are going to be among the most threatened on Earth,” explained Botanist Peter Raven, “Most coffee production throughout the world will be in trouble as the climate shifts.”

    According to the United Nations Development Program, since 1960, the annual temperature in Africa has risen by 2.3 degrees Fahrenheit. This may not seem like a lot, but to the sensitive coffee plant can be devastating.

    Aaron Davis head of the coffee research program said, “So even if you do some very simple sums, it doesn’t take much to realize that there’s an intrinsic threat to these species from accelerated climate change. The logical conclusion is that coffee production will be negatively impacted as well.”

    Aaron Davis goes on to say, “Arabica’s history is punctuated by problems with diseases, pests, and productivity problems–and growers have always gone back to the wild and used genetic diversity to address them.”

    Davis remains optimistic; with conservation activities we can avert extinction. Unfortunately, Raven doesn’t see it the same way, “Regardless of what measures are taken in nature, we can confidently, and sadly, expect the genetic diversity of those population to go downhill steadily year after year.”

    The International Coffee Organization advised since coffee is one of the most traded commodity in the world, it could cause a major economic jolt, not to mention the industry has about 26 million employees.

    Africa is known to have the highest quality coffee in the world. The rich volcanic soil of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain and shores of Lake Victoria, the largest lake in the southern hemisphere, create the perfect condition to grow the finest coffee, the mildly acidic soils lend way to the rich full bodied flavor.

    Africafe Coffee is proud to offer the world’s finest African Coffees, delivered fresh to your door step.  Coffee discovered in Ethiopia more than 1,200 years ago is Africa’s precious gift to the world.

  • Want to Lose Weight? Africafe Coffee Can Help With That

    Your morning cup of  Africafe Coffee will not only get your day started off right, it can boost your metabolism and give you the energy you need to get you through the day.

    “Some studies have shown that drinking coffee with caffeine may slightly increase weight loss or in actually prevent weight gain by suppressing the appetite or the desire to eat,” said Kathy Taylor, a registered dietitian, “It may also help with calorie burning by stimulating thermogenesis-our body’s way of generating heat from metabolizing food. Ultimately caffeine acts like a diuretic causing us to have water loss so there is a temporary decrease in body weight.”

    According to Medline Plus, caffeine provides a boost to your metabolism, increases mental alertness by stimulating the central nervous system and increases calorie burning by stimulating the thermogenesis.

    Caffeine is naturally an appetite suppressant, curbs cravings and black Africafe Coffee has less than 5 calories and no fat. Compare this to a cup of coffee from one of the popular restaurant chains, which usually has more fat and calories than a piece of cake, serving of ice cream or a dessert you avoid eating because it’s too fattening.

    For example the popular Salted Carmel Mocha from a trendy coffee house contains 420 calories, of which 25% are from fat, 290mg of sodium, 50mg of cholesterol and 26gm sugar. While a single serving of Coffee Health Bar Crunch Ice Cream contains 16g fat, 280 calories and 15g of fat and a piece of chocolate cake, including the icing, has about 235 calories and 11g of fat.

    Organic Africafe Coffee is grown without harmful pesticides and chemicals. It is naturally grown in rich volcanic soil of Africa, for this reason it is full of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and it can also help you lose a couple of pounds. With all these health benefits there is no reason not to enjoy a delicious cup of Africafe Coffee.

  • Buy Coffee Online

    If you’re looking for the most incredible aroma and rich fresh flavor of coffee, then buying on-line is the only way to go! 

    Coffee from the grocery store or coffee shop has usually been on the shelves for a very long time. Even if it is marked “Fresh” that’s not what it means. It is shipped from the distributors, then to the warehouses and then distributed to the stores, while buying coffee on-line goes straight from the farm to your cup.

     Cut Out the Middle Man

    The beauty of today’s high tech world is that with a click of a mouse we can get the best and freshest coffee, with the added convenience of having it delivered to your home or business. All you have to do is type Africafe Coffee  in the search engine and behold, the world’s finest and freshest coffee and teas at your fingertips.

    Going Green

    According to a recent study done by Carnegie Mellon University, shopping on-line requires 35% less energy than shopping in stores, making a greener choice and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide.

    Organic Coffee Just Taste Better

    Organic coffee has a smooth rich flavor because the plants are grown in the shade, therefore the soil retains the complex nutrient base and supplies nutrients steadily and slowly; they are grown without toxic pesticides and harsh fertilizers and processed without chemicals. The beans are hand-picked, removing the occasion substandard bean, creating a non-bitter delicious cup every time!

    Always purchase organic coffee and tea from a quality on-line merchant. At Africafe Coffee we only have top of the line fresh products, straight from our farm to your home.

    Shop Africafe Coffee for our great products and African hospitality!

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