June 2014

  1. Is Africafe Coffee sold by the Major online Retailer any Different?

    The two huge Online general retail and Auctions websites contains Africafe Coffee that is sold by individual sellers. The source of Africafe Coffee and the method of importing cannot be guaranteed. Its not guaranteed that you will get genuine Africafe Coffee. Individual sellers can make up their own prices to cover what it cost them to import. Here are AfricafeCoffee.com...
  2. Africafe Coffee Expiration Date

    Is Africafe Coffee good on the last days of expiration? It depends how it was stored soon after manufactured. We recommend to drink your Africafe before it get close to expiration date at least 4 months prior. Here at Africafe Coffee we always  provide you with latest production of Africafe with at least 20 months of shelf life.
  3. Ground Africafe Coffee Price

    AFRICAFE PURE GROUND COFFEE SAFARI BLEND (DARK ROAST) 500 GRAMS PACKAGE Africafe’s rich rewarding full-bodied taste attests to its prodigy and claims of organic and natural authenticity. 100% Arabica Drink in the exciting boldness of this internationally acclaimed organic instant coffee again and again and again with each and every taste, making every coffee break a special treat. Grown in...
  4. Africafe Coffee Prices

    The Best Prices for Africafe Coffee Africafe Pure Instant Coffee 250 Grams $24.90 Africafe Pure Instant Coffee 100 Grams $13.50 Africafe® Pure Instant Coffee 1 Cup Sachet 20 Sachets 1.6 Grams $8.00 Africafe 3 in 1 Pure Instant Coffee Mix $13.99 Africafe® Pure Instant Coffee 1 Cup Sachet 1.6 Grams x5 $2.99

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