Tanzania Coffee

Coffee made from Tanzania

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    100% Tanzanian Mild Coffee. ORIGIN The Coffee is grown on the slopes of The Kilimanjaro mountain at altitudes between 8,000 & 10,000 ft. Processing The Coffee is sun dried after fermentation and finally milled to obtain different grades of green beans. The top grades are chosen and roasted in batches to archive best roasting results.   A Great Souvenir from...
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  5. Tanzania Coffee

    Looking for Tanzania Coffee? You have come to the right place. We carry all kind of Tanzania Coffee. Feel free to look around in our coffee inventory here at africafecoffee.com
  6. Making Coffee With The Aeropress

    Aerobie Aeropress makes excellent coffee at home or in the office. It produces a rich, smooth cup of coffee every time, and allows a lot of ways for you to customize to taste. Buy Aeropress Here
  7. Tanzania Instant Coffee

    Africafe Coffee is the Best Instant Coffee available today. Its made in Tanzania. Buy today right here AfricafeCoffee.com  
  8. Organic Coffee Grown in Tanzania

    Coffee farmers in Kilimanjaro are characterized as progressive farmers. They acquired the title from coffee farming returns. From coffee most farmers have made a progress in their community. Many have put up houses with corrugated iron sheet roofing with cement blocks. Traditional houses made from banana fronds are almost extinct. Education to coffee farmers, to his /her children carried first...
  9. Tanzanian coffee growers benefit from US$46.9 million grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Small-scale coffee farmers in Tanzania are to benefit from a US$46.9 million four-year grant from the U.S.-based non-profitTechnoServe through the from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which will be shared with farmers in Kenya and Rwanda. David Browning, TechnoServe vice president for business development, told APA in an exclusive interview that the initiative will...
  10. Tanzania Coffee Crop

    Tanzania crop has been steady but cyclic oscillating between 35,000 tons on the down cycle and 55,000 tons and the up cycle. It is therefore expected that the 2012/13 crop will come in at about 55,000 tons with 60% Arabica and the balance Robusta. With 90% of production coming from smallholder farmers, productivity is a challenge. However, herein lies the...

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